28 November 2011

The Beginning of Mummi's Adventure...

Note: As mentioned before, this blog is about our family... including our extended one! Mummi Squeeze is now starting her new adventure as a Temple Missionary in Helsinki Finland (her home country!). She left one week ago today, and she has finally had a minute to let us know what is going on. I find it interesting that it is on my father's 80th birthday (if he were alive today)... 

Stay tuned for more adventures from her and the Squeeze Family!


Hello! I don't have internet, yet my own, I am using this one at the missionary housing lobby and this one has Russian letters also and the markings dont work, at least for me now. Today, Monday Temple is closed and we are going to have Thanksgiving dinner at 3:30. I took the buss early because Fullers wanted to go shopping at 10 am and I get to go with them. It is in this Temple housing, they have large kitchen and big dining room etc. Their apartments are so roomy and nice, hopefully mine will be ready sooner than promised, by May\ June. I do feel a little sad living alone, everybody has their spouse, no singles except me. I take the buss to and from the Temple, which is OK except on the weather like we have now, typical October +November, so dark and rainy. I just saw SUN the first time this morning about 10 am and barely above the horizon, but then the cloud covered it again, and then about 3 pm it starts getting dark and pretty fast. Do not come here this time of the year!!  My apartment is really small, just one room, kitchen on one wall, bathroom is good size but no cabinets or anything where you put things. This was build 1971, and has been a rented place. Now  church is putting sealing light, I just have floor light now, bed, arm chair and desk, not fun place to come to in the dark alone. I feel like I am one of those early pioneers that had nothing to go on a mission !!  Here I really miss Daddy, because everybody has their spouse.. But people are very good to me, I can get a ride anytime, I just have to ask, but you know, I am not asking. But like Sundays they pick me up to Church and back and after evening meetings they will take me home.

Temple is a different place, and I don't mind being there as much as possible, it is quiet, spiritual place which feels good to be in. We are learning slowly in Finnish but also we have to do some Russian, even Estonian too. They have written Russian in English letters so we can pronouns them !!!  I am glad to get news from you and hope that you are all well. Sorry to hear about little Ryder [note: Ryder is a grandson who had a cabinet fall on his face which ended up giving him a goose egg of a bump between the eyes, and a black eye... but he's ok], tell him mummi is missing him and others too. I was glad to hear that Son Squeeze had treffit [terrific], date ! How is it going!  I will write again, soon.  Love you all, Mummi

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  1. So nice to hear that your Mom is happy with the temple work and making adjustments to the low sun. We will keep her in our prayers.