19 February 2012

A bit of technical difficulties... but back online

Heipas,  terveisia nyt. I don't remember what I wrote in that letter but it wasn't anything special, just telling about things here. I cannot remember what really happened, I thought I was doing normal. It isn't either at that Draft file. 

I am going to Tampere this Saturday afternoon, since we have that vacation for 2 weeks. I'll be back on the 5th of March. Some of the missionary couples are going to Rovaniemi for a week, although they will stop in couple of places to give a talk or bear testimony. 

I am doing just about everything in the Temple now, of course I am doing in Finnish, but also in Swedish, those are Swedish speaking Finns, like Daddy was, who need that. Then they want me to learn Russian, because we have one Finnish couple who are leaving at the end of March and she did the Russians, so they want me to continue. We do have 1 Russian couple who arrived recently and the Russians have their workers with them most of the time when they come. But we need some who are here all the time and can do in Russian.

It has been pretty cold, like  --10 to 28 C, and between it snows, so that the city has to remove the piles when snow blowers clean the streets. I am getting used to this "life style", taking the bus and walking couple of kilometers a day to catch the bus ! Luckily Laila had extra pair of heavy boots to give me and I'm using Sister Squeeze's leg warmers on top of my wool pantyhose (!) and Mom Squeeze's heavy scarves around my neck and sometimes have to cover my face with it.

My Missionary couple friends are really so helpful and kind friends. They give me rides when ever possible (Temple has 2 SUV's for they use). One of them comes and pick me up every Saturday morning because Temple opens early, and I would have to leave here before 7 am  and it is still pretty dark at that time. They also bring me home after they feed me! I do my laundry Saturday also after the Temple closes. It is rewarding to work in the Temple, and people are at their best there, it's great to get to know so many people, and most of them come back every so often.

Monday is the P-day, which means it's a free day. I have usually spent most of the day with Aune, Daddy's cousin's widow. She has car and she picks me up and we go different places, there's so much to see. Something new to me, there was not when I lived in Finland, these big, big shopping centers. There they have hundreds of shops, and beautiful Finnish merchandise, and you want to buy everything!  And you can find anything here, maybe more than back at home (US).    

I miss seeing the children, and Daddy's grave. By the way I bought some grave side candles for him that I can bring home.    

Also, I found out that when I move to the Asuntola (it should be ready by May-June) I can have visitors in my apartment.  OK, Take care and I love to get letters, e-mails, pictures from you.  

Love, Mummi Squeeze

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