05 August 2011

Holy Hole Batman! (or Ironman in our case...)

NOTE: The video in this blog is GRAPHIC, but cool... Push "play" at your own risk ;) We are not held responsible if you get queasy or lose your lunch (or whatever you just ate before reading this)

So when the doctor told us yesterday after the surgery that he would need to leave the hole where the stoma had been open on Son Squeeze, I thought "ok... no big deal". It has to be left open so that the chance for infection is decreased since that's where all his poop came out for 6 weeks. So when last night came to change the dressing, I didn't expect to see something out of a horror movie or off the battlefield of war. 

I now know why I never went into medicine...I just don't have the stomach, or knees, to keep standing up. A great respect goes out to these doctors and nurses who deal with this... I applaud them and give them a virtual "high five" :)

Son Squeeze was a trooper and pulled off the gauze/bandage by himself with the nurse watching. He was a bit nervous, but then decided that he did want to do it by himself. Of course I was interested and thought that when it finally came off, it wasn't a big deal. OH BOY... I wasn't even ready for the next part. The gauze was STUFFED INSIDE the hole, about 1/2" deep! When that came out, I felt the blood leave my head, pass my stomach, and speed down into my feet! Thank goodness for the chair next to the bed... I did end up videoing the clip, along with Son Squeeze's help ;) He's been amazing during this whole ordeal...

Since leaving the surgery room, he hasn't had any additional meds like last time, and walked down the halls (about 5-7 min) only 1 hour after arriving in his room. He's happier and amazed at how he can move and bend without the "bag". He's feeling well and the doctor has progressed him from clear liquids to ALL liquids and will release him to come home tomorrow (Saturday – a day earlier than expected). I am amazed that we have to go through so much pain to know the joy... but it's a testament to me that we are given only that which God knows that we can handle. Each of us is given a different set of trials, of which we can either make the best of things or live in misery. Son Squeeze... you continue to amaze us and I'm sure the Lord has some special things in store for you...

And that hole that eventually will fill in and become a scar will be a constant reminder that you have made the best of some of life's lemons... 

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