06 August 2011

There's no place like home...

... especially after spending time in the hospital! We are all home now that Son Squeeze was released from the hospital this morning. Everything went well there with Dad Squeeze spending the night there (I did the first night). Note: I ever come into some money and I am looking to do some philanthropic work, I will donate just so they can get some comfy cots – I think the ones they have now are from the 60s since they look and smell like it... or maybe that's the disinfectant on the baby blue plastic mattress covers...

Son's last meal there was pancakes and sausage... something he's been looking forward to for a while (not necessarily pancakes and sausage, but that it's solid food after 4 days!) and he was chauffeured out in a "double-wide" wheelchair. Well, we were on the gastric floor of the hospital... many a "Jabba" if you speak Star Wars ;)

He is very aware of his bowel doing its thing and that's a good thing... reading a bunch of blogs on the internet about others and their issues after their surgeries, we are grateful we went to a specialist and not a general surgeon. A specialist makes sure to keep those nerves down in the nether region so that you know when it's time for #2... a general doesn't and therefore you end up leaking stomach acid often :( Hydrochloric acid leaking out the back end does not make one a happy camper... and so Son Squeeze is learning what ointments will help relieve that not-so-fresh feeling while his new colon is figuring just what the heck it's supposed to do when the real colon was removed from its job... permanently ;)

It's going to be an adventure... especially going back to school. Thank goodness we live close and he can drive, because there's definitely no place like home when your back end is on fire!

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