06 December 2011

Finally... an address!

Hello all of you, things are getting better, because I am learning what I am suppose to do. And it is very rewarding.  People are very nice and they are helping me in every way. I can get a ride when ever I need, but I still think I can get along just fine by myself.  

Last night one personel from the office, Veli (Brother) Koponen, he is taking care of office stuff and he came to set my computer in order and spent couple of hours but there was some little thing and he said it was something that will clear next week. so I am here at the Asuntola where missionaries (seniors) live, using computer and washing my clothes. It all free. This bro surprised me by bringing a TV for me! It was used at the open house and has been in the storage, so it is one of the flat ones. He put all together and it is working, so that is nice, I feel like I have company!  

I have met with Aune Wahlstedt (daddy's cousin's wife, remember?) She came to pick me up from the Temple and we went to her house for the evening. We'll go out again Monday, because it is P-day, Temple is closed. And then Tueasday it will be closed, because Finnish Indipendence day, and we'll have a party that day.
I am so glad to hear that things are going well. Before I forget, here is my address: 

Sister Stenfors
Helsinki Temppeli
Leppasillantie 3  
02620 Espoo, Finland

You dont have to send me anything, I've got everything, But thank you, maybe later, we'll see. I dont know yet what I am going to do for Christmas, if I can go to Tampere. Well, I getting ready with my laundry. I love to hear from you all. 
(Note: It is good to hear that she is finally adjusting! She is so independent and always has been that I don't find it out of the ordinary that she is not asking for help... she's a true Finn is that respect. Stubborn ;) )

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