04 January 2012

Onnellista Uutta Vuotta! (Happy New Year... in Finnish)

(Squeeze family names have been substituted, but if you know us, you'll get the gist)...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SON SQUEEZE !  AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL !  It's about 12:30 pm here and you must be sleeping.  Is he going snowboarding today or what is he doing?  I hope it is going to be a good day for him and all of you! 

Today is little clearer, and so far no rain!   We are wondering when the snow will come.

We are going to have a little party at the Asuntola dining room tonite for just us missionaries and the the Temple presidency. Veli Williamsom brings the pork and others potluck. I was going to bring Roselli (cooked beet, carrot, potato salad with Rahkaviili (like sour cream), but guess what happened, I got cold !!!! Me  !? I dont know what happened Thursday but I felt a little cold coming while at the Temple and then at night it started. I had to call and tell them that I was not coming, that was yesterday. Today, Saturday, Temple is closed anyway and open on Tuesday, so I have plenty of time to recover. I am not really sick, stuffy nose, sneezing and sleepy  They are calling me and keeping in touch with  me and asking me to take temperature all the time !  Aune Wahlstead called me and asked if I have time to go with her to Porvoo over the weekend, Porvoo is about 50-60 km from Helsinki southeast, small, old fasioned with narrow streets etc. town. We have to go some other time.

This past week was really busy at the Temple, it was Relief Society week and lot of Russians came. They have their own Temple workers with them. Some old members from my past are coming there and sometime you cannot recognize them ! But they seem to recognize me !!!  They say it's my smile ??!!

We had really good time at Lappajarvi with Hannas family and they are doing very well, Irkka seems OK but she cannot be too happy. Mom Squeeze, you talked with her after we did, she must have told you how she feels. Veikko spent his Christmas with Riina and Reija and Mikko wanted to stay in Tampere because he has "old girl friend" who lives alone, like Mikko, and she has no family, so Mikko feels kind of sorry for her, They are both old and have health problems, so they are supporting each other. Monday, after we came from Lappajarvi, we went to pick up Mikko from Aila's  ( his friend) and took some flowers to our parents grave. Then they took me to the train station and I arrived to my place about 7pm

Things are going fine here, I'm getting used to living here and taking the bus, so many times I get ride from one of the missionaries (usually with his wife or other elder) coming home. I'm getting to know the area and which bus goes here and there. There's a shopping center with Stockmann and also Marimekko not very far, like 10 min bus ride, so I can go by myself. By the way, they have lot of these huge, huge shopping centers around Helsinki laitakaupunki areas.

I really miss my family and think of you all the time and pray that all of you are well. I was so happy to hear that Sister Squeeze and family went to Church on Christmas day too.  I love you all

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