13 July 2011

A break from squeezing....

A few things have given us a break from squeezing this week, and it's about time... I'm getting all prune-y, if you know what I mean. So I'll share two things that are worth mentioning:
  • Finally filling the front porch planters... for $7! How you ask? Well, apparently we were at the right place at the right time – Home Depot on a Tuesday around noon in the garden/nursery department. We needed some ant killer since our home is built over some monstrous ant colony, and after grabbing the BIG bottle, we decided to peruse the nursery for some cheap plants. We have had 2 empty pots on our front porch since winter (can you say "no money"?) and they've been looking really sad lately (and collecting spider webs, dirt, dried leaves, etc.). We know it costs $ (sometimes I can't figure out why annuals cost so much... they're going to die anyways). We decided to bite the bullet and give ourselves a budget. Just as Dad Squeeze mentions to me to pick out a couple of plants, one of the ladies working in the nursery says: "We've just put these 3 different kinds of plants on sale for 50¢ a piece... grab them while you can." I don't think it took more than 5 seconds for us to realize what she was saying, so we grabbed 2 of each variety to fill the pots and got on our merry way! The bag of soil cost more than the 6 plants :) So, for $7... not too shabby!
Thank you UPS man
for making it happen!
  • Getting packages earlier than expected :) I saw an idea posted on another blog and realized that with our church youth Girls' Camp coming up, it would be a really cute idea. So I proposed it to the camp leader, and luckily another craft idea had been nixed, so they had the budget to do it. Of course, the main component (a mini hinge clip) was not available in any of the local craft stores (trust me, if you want to do this, order it online... early!), so I ordered it online. I thought I ordered them in time (yeah, I tend to think everything runs on MST – Mom Squeeze Time)... but when the shipping notification came in, I realized that it wouldn't be here in time to send up to camp :( I started sweating it – starting to think up a Backup Plan A, then a Backup Plan B... but neither was a likely scenario. I did find one local store that had one package of 15 (I needed 45!) so I thought at least I could show them what one looked like completed. And if I was going to have it to Girls' Camp on time, I had to get the project to one of the moms going up tomorrow morning so that she could get them set up for the activity on Friday... Well, what do you know.... UPS was kind enough to get them here TODAY... 1 day EARLY!!! So, now I was able to package each of them up with one of them being a sample. And it was worth the sweating and worrying :) 
So sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes there's a break from them – And it's nice to let those hands get un-prune-y once in a while ;P

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