01 July 2011

Meet the Lemon Squeezers

A new month... a new hobby. It's time that I got on the "blog"-wagon... And since we've been squeezing a lot of lemons for quite some time, I can say, we are "expert" squeezers. Who are we? We're a family of 4 – a typical family of Dad, Mom, Daughter, & Son... 
Yes, this is us – The Lemon Squeezer Family... and this pic says quite a bit about each of us. I won't tell you what it's saying, but it's saying a lot ;) Although we've had our fair share of lemons for the past couple of years, this blog is not a sympathy blog. It's basically a place I can put some of the odd, wacky, crazy, sad, miraculous, and weird things that happen to us. Sometimes they are weekly, and sometimes, just sometimes, it seems as though they are happening on a daily basis.

I may refer to something in the past, but I'll give a backstory and you'll have to "suffer" through it as my husband refers to it. I like to set the premise, but if you can't handle the premise, then skim through and get to the end like you do with a novel :) So that's us and what this blog is about.... A family of 4 (& sometimes a relative) and how we keep going through all the lemonade we are having to squeeze...

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