03 July 2011

Expiration date?

I always feel like an accomplished homemaker when I have thought out a meal plan and execute like a chef... and today was one of those days... well at least it started out that way...

(Premise) A while ago, when Dad Squeeze was working out of town for an extended period, I had Son & Daughter Squeeze go through one of my favorite cookbooks and pick out the meals that they thought they would eat. Having pictures next to the recipes definitely helps ;) So, they picked out a week's set of meals and off we went to shop for the ingredients.

Of course things come up, and as usual, not all the week's meals were made. And there's always the good intention that I'll make the meal so that the food doesn't spoil... I remember it's a good intention and I know I'll get around to it. And when I open up the deli drawer, I see the main ingredient staring at me, it's reminding me that I should get around to making that meal. 

(Point) So here we are... time for Sunday dinner. Mmmm... my daughter's favorite: Homemade Turkey meatballs with spaghetti and from-scratch sauce :) I've made this before and the meatballs take a bit of time, so I got up early and prepped the meatballs so it wouldn't take so much time to cook after church (since we tend to be starving come 5 pm – especially on Fast Sundays). I put all the necessary ingredients into the mixing bowl, and then opened up the ground Turkey (you know – the frozen kind that comes in the 1 lb. tube). The expiration date said I was still good until October... so when I slit it open, and the smell was a bit unpleasant.... well, let's just say I talked myself into denial that anything was wrong or the fumes may have put me into a state of denial ;) It's all good... meat tends to have just a bit of stench, right?

After church, I got the sauce ready, allowing the crushed tomatoes, herbs, garlic and olive oil to blend into a bubbly, aromatic, almost lava-like consistency. Now to add the turkey meatballs... The smell isn't as smelly, so yeah, it's all good... Cook the meatballs in the sauce, boil up some spaghetti, make a salad and some garlic bread.... Mmmmm.... it's coming along nicely :)

It's all ready... table is set, we bless the food and start serving it up. The quick cabbage salad is quite tasty (a little less mayo next time), and here comes the spaghetti and meatballs. Looks good.... add some parmesan cheese... first mouthful of the spaghetti and sauce. This is tasty! Ok, now for the meatball... One bite in – and it is OUT! I quickly ask everyone to NOT eat anymore of the meatballs... Son Squeeze immediately projectiles the mushy mass out of his mouth and onto the plate. Daughter Squeeze says she's feeling sick, and Dad Squeeze has managed to eat 2 of them and finally says that they tasted odd. Hun – the first one should have given you that impression.

So, needless to say, dinner came to an abrupt end. And I have learned a valuable lesson: The expiration date on a FROZEN meat tube is intended as a "use by this date if it's FROZEN"... not if you've thawed it. :(

Side note: I thought of feeding these now tasty treats to my dog, but my husband has forbidden me to since I don't scoop the poop in the yard. Runny poo does not scoop well...

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